Don't let Putin intimidate you with threats - President of the European Council Charles Michel

Don’t let Putin intimidate you with threats – President of the European Council Charles Michel

About this stated President of the European Council Charles Michel at a joint press conference with Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz in Berlin.

“Since the beginning of Russia’s war against Ukraine, the EU has been constantly trying to react systematically, unitedly and in solidarity in order to cope with the consequences… We see that Russia is not a reliable partner. We must be calm and not let Putin intimidate us with threats that are constantly coming from the Kremlin.” , – declared Michel.

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Michel pointed out that sanctions have an impact not only on the aggressor country, but also on European states, in particular in the field of energy, and the mood in society. The head of the European Council discussed with the German chancellor the levers that can be used at the European level to face these challenges and ease the pressure on the economy.

According to Michel, among the measures being discussed are reducing energy consumption; guaranteed supply of all member countries, industry and citizens with the help of available resources; reduction, as far as possible, of energy prices.

In this connection, Charles Michel reminded that a meeting of energy ministers is taking place in Brussels, who are discussing the proposals of the European Commission and individual member states. However, the work will not end there, close consultations on reducing dependence on Russian energy sources and diversifying supply sources will continue in the coming months.

  • On September 8, Liz Truss announced a two-year freeze on gas and electricity bills in Great Britain.
  • The EU will limit the price of Russian gas due to Putin’s warning about “winter frosts”.
  • The Baltic countries urged Germany not to succumb to Russian blackmail in the energy sector.
  • On September 2, Russia completely stopped the supply of gas through the Nord Stream, allegedly due to a malfunction.
  • The European Commission said that Gazprom lied about the malfunction of Nord Stream and stopped the supply under a fictitious pretext.
  • The spokesman of the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, Dmytro Peskov, said that the Nord Stream gas pipeline will work at full capacity only if the European Union sanctions against Russia are lifted.

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