Dovbush drone - what kind of Ukrainian drone is it, its characteristics - UNIAN

Dovbush drone – what kind of Ukrainian drone is it, its characteristics – UNIAN

Ukraine has been working on this development for a long time, since the beginning of the war.

Dovbush drone what kind of Ukrainian drone is it The project organizer talked about drones / screenshot

In the east, the new Ukrainian reconnaissance drone “Dovbush T10” is being tested. It is a multifunctional UAV that can be upgraded into a reconnaissance or strike drone.

As it was said on the “1+1” broadcast, thanks to the latest software and special equipment, the Ukrainian drone is inaccessible to the enemy’s electronic countermeasures and anti-aircraft defense forces.

Ready-made “Dovbush” are handed over to the defense forces free of charge, said the organizer of the drone production project, monobank co-founder Volodymyr Yatsenko. He says that the mass production of drones has already begun, although not in Ukraine, but in one of the European countries: “Now, I think, this number will not be 1-3, but will exceed 10 or more per day.”

According to Yatsenko, “Dovbushi” are almost not detected by REBs or air defense systems. However, this drone has weaknesses, like the rest of the “Shaheed” drones: they can suffer from adverse weather conditions.

The organizer of the project on the production of drones says that currently the main task of Ukraine is the production of high-precision weapons with a hit error of 1-2 meters. “The most influential specialists are working on this topic. The main and most important thing is to have the equipment to deliver a high-precision strike,” he concluded.

Ukrainian drone Punisher: what is known about it

Development of the Punisher unmanned complex began in 2016. By the start of the large-scale invasion in 2022, the UAV had completed about 120 missions.

It is the smallest and lightest strike drone that has no analogues in the world. It is capable of striking protected enemy objects at a depth of up to 40 kilometers.

The cost of the complex is about 50,000 US dollars, the aircraft itself is about 10,000 US dollars.

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