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President of Poland Andrzej Duda believes that now the Ukrainian army does not have enough weapons to change the balance of power at the front. He said this on August 1 in an interview The Washinghton Post.

Answering the question whether Poland could conduct a combined arms operation without aviation and long-range weapons, to which the West is now actually “forcing” Ukraine, Duda stressed that long-range artillery has already been supplied to Kiev, and they are still supplying it to this day. Thanks to this, according to him, one can even say that Ukraine now has a much more modern military potential than Russia.

“The question is, does Ukraine have enough weapons to change the balance of the war and gain the upper hand? And the answer is probably not. Apparently they lack weapons. And we know this from the fact that they are now not in a position to mount a very decisive counter-offensive against the Russian military. In short, they need more help,” Duda said.

  • On August 4, General Pat Ryder said that the Pentagon does not believe that the speed of the UAF counteroffensive is not as high as many expected, due to the fact that the States are delaying the delivery of important weapons to Ukraine.
  • Weeks after the start of the counter-offensive, Western officials are giving increasingly “sober” assessments of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ ability to quickly recapture large areas, writes CNN.

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