Dunlop SP Sport Summer Tire Review: Design Features and Specifications

Dunlop is a global brand from Germany for the production of automotive rubber. Leading representative of the summer collection – Dunlop SP Sport. Tires belong to the class of sports and are suitable for lovers of fast and dynamic driving. Provides safe entry into turns at a fast set of speed. The company also owns the invention of a rubber compound that can repel water.

In addition to high-speed characteristics, we note high indicators of reliability and comfort. They are manufactured using the latest technologies, one of which is the multi-radius tread technology (MRT). Rubber production takes place in many countries around the world, including the UK, Germany, France and Japan.

Tires and Wheels complies with all norms and standards. Visit our website to order the delivery of Dunlop SP Sport tires in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.

Benefits of Dunlop SP Sport Summer Tires

If your car has a high power, feel free to purchase tires of this model. The working surface protector is conditionally divided into functional zones. Each of them is responsible for certain properties of rubber. This allows you to effectively drive the car, regardless of road conditions and the type of road surface.

Dunlop products are renowned for product quality as well as innovation in rubber design. This design gives the products of the German manufacturer the following advantages:

  • Road grip performance. Allows you to feel the potential of a sports car, without losing power in the process of losing contact with the road.
  • Acceleration and deceleration. Sports tires are made in such a way as to instantly respond to the commands of the driver of the car.
  • Safe driving. It is achieved through the technology of a multi-radius tread pattern, which adapts to road conditions, ensuring the safety of the car during the trip.
  • Comfort. If you want to take a break from speed, the rubber is able to perform a soft and quiet movement.
  • Long operation. Able to last longer than three years, even with high mileage.
  • Tires are suitable for comfortable city and highway driving, as well as on a dirt road, but mud and slush are best avoided. Hurry up to order tires to prepare for the new season and enjoy your travels in a comfortable ride. You can buy products of the German brand Dunlop at a good price on the Tires and Wheels website with delivery in Kyiv, Kharkov and all Ukraine.

    Design features of Dunlop SP Sport tires

    The performance of Dunlop rubber would not have been possible without making the right decisions about tire construction. Among them we highlight the following:

  • MRT is a multi-radius tread technology. Represented by a system of treads that can adapt to changing road conditions separately. As a result, the tire received a universal safety technology against skidding, slipping, slipping.
  • Orientation of the central tread pattern. Gives the car the right acceleration and grip.
  • The presence of symmetrical hydroplastics. Frees the rubber surface from accumulated moisture and dirt.
  • Steel breaker. Makes rubber stable in turns at high speed.
  • A polymer compound that contributes to the resistance of tires to wear.
  • Dunlop SP Sport tires’ blend of materials reduces heat build-up and lower fuel consumption results in lower emissions. You can order and buy products of the German Dunlop brand at a good price on the Tires and Wheels website with delivery in Kyiv, Kharkov and all Ukraine.

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