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The Ministry of Veterans Affairs hopes that after the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of a law simplifying the procedure for obtaining the status of a participant in combat operations, there will be less bureaucracy in this procedure, since since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, only 96,000 people have received UBD status. The head of the department spoke about this Yulia Laputina on the telethon.

On November 8, the Ukrainian parliament adopted in general law β„–9141which provides for changes to the law on the status of war veterans and guarantees of their social protection.

The main innovation is that an application (application) for obtaining UBD status can be submitted in electronic form, and it is not necessary to collect a full package of documents, since all the necessary data is requested from the authorized body or person within the framework of interdepartmental interaction of government entities within a clearly established period.

Laputina noted that the law significantly simplifies the procedure for granting UBD status and makes it less bureaucratic due to the digitalization of many processes.

“Before the large-scale invasion, we had about half a million participants in hostilities. And, unfortunately, in the first year of a large-scale invasion to date there only 96,000 were added participants in hostilities,” Laputina said.

She noted that at the beginning of the great war it was very difficult to draw up any documents at all due to heavy fighting, β€œbut now this work needs to be significantly strengthened.”

The head of the Ministry of Veterans also said that the department, as part of the implementation of the new state veterans policy, is working to modernize the systems of benefits and guarantees for combatants in accordance with real current needs.

β€œOur defenders and advocates are predominantly young people aged 19-49 who will need modern, effective tools for reintegration into civilian life and their own development. We are currently working on appropriate changes to the current legislation, developing effective programs for veterans and their families,” – said Laputina.

She noted that the social guarantees provided for by current legislation need to be improved. For example, social guarantees still provide for the right to a wired telephone, which has already β€œexhausted its time,” but is still present in the legislation.

  • In April last year, the Ministry of Veterans reported that only those volunteers who directly participated in hostilities would receive UBD status and corresponding social guarantees, and not throughout Ukraine, as previously assumed.
  • On December 1, 2022, the process of processing documents for combatants began.
  • In August 2023, the Cabinet of Ministers made changes to the procedure for granting and depriving UBD status, reducing the number of required documents to one certificate.

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