Education Minister Lisovyi called the spelling of the Russian Federation with a capital letter a mistake


Lisovyi wrote about this in facebook.

“What Russia is and who Russians are, I know well from the experience of my family, my own experience and the experience of my brothers and sisters. Literally from scratch. Spelling “rf” with a capital letter is a mistake, but a requirement of normative design,” he wrote.

According to Lisovoi, if the names of the aggressor countries were written in lower case in the orders of the Ministry of Education, they could not be registered by the Ministry of Justice, as this is a requirement of normative design.

One of the users in the comments was interested in the minister’s opinion regarding the writing of the Russian Federation in lower case by children in schools, for example, in works or in geography lessons. Lisovyi replied that he was “only in favor”.

Photo: screenshot from Oksen Lisovoy’s Facebook page

  • On August 18, Lisovyi urged not to force students to go to the first lesson if they are tired due to night worries. According to the minister, the mental health of schoolchildren and teachers is more important than grades and rules.



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