Eight main news from Ukraine and the world at 19:00 November 21 | News of Ukraine


1. Zelensky about Maidan and war: We defended our dignity and will not allow our freedom to be taken away. On Maidan, the people of Ukraine defended their dignity, and victory in the war against Russian aggressors will not allow the enemy to take away our freedom. The President said this Vladimir Zelensky in the video message for the Day of Dignity and Freedom (more details).

2. The audit revealed violations in a military unit in the Chernigov region for almost 40 million – Ministry of Defense. The Ministry of Defense reported that in one of the military units in the Chernigov region, an audit revealed a violation of almost 40 million, and criminal proceedings were initiated. Four cases of violations were identified, the most widespread being the overestimation of the cost of generators purchased in 2022, which led to losses of UAH 37.1 million (more details).

3. NABU: Council Deputy from Servant of the People tried to bribe Mustafa Nayem. The National Anti-Corruption Bureau reported the suspicion to a Verkhovna Rada deputy. According to investigators, he tried to bribe the head of the State Agency for Reconstruction and Infrastructure Development Mustafa Najem, reported NABU and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office. According to the interlocutor LIGA.net in law enforcement agencies, the suspect is Andrey Odarchenko from Servant of the People (more details).

4. NABU: A deputy from the For the Future group was caught trying to bribe Kubrakov and Nayem. The National Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office reported suspicion to a member of the Verkhovna Rada who, according to the investigation, offered a bribe to the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Community Development, Territories and Infrastructure Alexander Kubrakov and the head of the State Agency for Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Development Mustafa Nayemu . According to the interlocutor LIGA.net in law enforcement agencies, the suspect is Sergei Labazyuk from the group For the Future (more details).

5. The Council took the first step towards increasing NABU staff. This is a requirement on the way to the EU. The Verkhovna Rada adopted in the first reading a bill to increase the staffing level of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau. Its adoption is one of the requirements for Ukraine’s accession to the European Union. 323 deputies voted for the adoption of bill No. 10203-1 in the first reading (more details).

6. Slovak carriers blocked the movement of trucks across the border with Ukraine – State Border Guard Service. On November 21, carriers on the territory of Slovakia blocked the movement of trucks through the Vishne Nemecke checkpoint, the State Border Guard Service reported. The blocking was initiated and carried out by the Union of Carriers of Slovakia (UNAS) . The timing of the blocking has not been announced (more details).

7. New military aid to Ukraine from Germany for 1.3 billion euros: with IRIS-T, but without Taurus. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius will announce a new aid package for Ukraine during his visit to Kyiv on November 21, but it will not include Taurus long-range missiles. The publication wrote about this Bild . Subsequently, the official said that Germany will provide Ukraine with a package worth 1.3 billion euros: it includes additional Iris-T for 2024-2025 and shells (more details).

8. Retribution for 128 OGShBr. The Ukrainian Armed Forces hit the award ceremony of the 810th brigade of the Russian Federation in the Donetsk region – photo. The commander of the Ptakhi Madyar aerial reconnaissance unit at the 59th brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Robert Brovdi, said that the Defense Forces hit the 810th separate brigade of the Russian Marines in the occupied part of the Donetsk region. β€œMadyar” noted that this is retribution for the Russian missile attack on the 128th separate mountain assault brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (more details).

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