Eight main news from Ukraine and the world at 19:00 October 11 | News of Ukraine


1. Avdeevka. The military writes about waves of β€œmeat assaults” by the Russian Federation, massive airstrikes: photos, videos. The Russian occupiers have intensified attacks in the Avdeevka area, advancing with infantry and launching massive air strikes. This is reported by Ukrainian channels covering the war (more details).

2. People’s Deputy Dubnevich received suspicion from NABU of gas theft. Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Yaroslav Dubnevich received suspicion from the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of gas theft in the amount of UAH 2.1 billion (more details).

3. SBU: The Iskander missile was brought to a cafe in Groza by local traitor brothers who fled to Russia. The Russian missile hit a cafe in Groza in the Kharkov region, as a result of which 53 civilians were killed at a wake, was carried out by two brothers from this village who went over to the side of the invaders during the occupation, write the press centers of the Office of the Prosecutor General and the Security Service of Ukraine (more details) .

4. Believed Hamas disinformation and overestimated border security systems: NYT on Israel’s mistakes. The Hamas attack on Israeli territory was possible because the military and intelligence agencies overly relied on border monitoring systems and underestimated the terrorists’ ability to disinformation. This is the opinion of Israeli intelligence officers, writes The New Tork Times (more details).

5. Zelensky addressed his allies on the Ramstein: Now it is important to put pressure on Russia without pauses. For now, it is important not to ease the pressure on the Russian occupiers, so as not to lose the initiative on the battlefield. The President said this at a meeting in the Ramstein format Vladimir Zelensky (more details).

6. Navy: The Russian Black Sea Fleet has changed its tactics, it’s too early to talk about changing the balance of forces. The Russian naval group in temporarily occupied Crimea remains β€œquite large”; it is too early to talk about changing the balance of power not in favor of the occupiers, said Dmitry Pletenchuk, speaker of the Naval Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The Russians have changed their tactics and are using only Kalibr launch vehicles in combat formation, the military man noted (more details).

7. “We were waiting for them.” The Ukrainian Armed Forces repelled all Russian attacks on Avdeevka, there were no losses of lines or positions. The Russians launch massive attacks in the Avdeevka area of ​​the Donetsk region, but all assaults are repelled. The defense forces were preparing for such enemy actions, said Alexander Shtupun, spokesman for the joint press center of the Tauride Defense Forces (more details).

8. Ukraine received $1.15 billion from the United States for social benefits and salaries. On Wednesday, October 11, the state budget of Ukraine received a new grant from the United States in the amount of $1.15 billion for social payments and salaries. reported Ministry of Finance (more details).

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