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Elon Musk commented on Medvedev’s prophecy for 2023

Medvedev mentioned Musk in his forecast, which greatly surprised the American businessman.

Elon Musk answered Medvedev / REUTERS Elon Musk answered Medvedev / REUTERS

American entrepreneur Elon Musk called the international forecast for 2023, published by the ex-president of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, “absurd”. The businessman wrote about this in Twitter.

In his forecast, Medvedev listed a number of rather apocalyptic predictions, including an increase in oil prices to $150 per barrel and gas prices to $5,000 per 1,000 cubic meters. m. Medvedev also expects the disintegration of the USA next year and the coming of Elon Musk to power in one of the future fragments of America.

“These are certainly the most absurd predictions I’ve ever heard, and at the same time they demonstrate an amazing lack of awareness about the progress of artificial intelligence and sustainable energy,” Musk responded to the predictions of the ex-president of the Russian Federation.

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Public activity of Dmitry Medvedev

Recently, the former president of Russia, who was once considered a liberal, began to publish malicious posts on his social networks, in every possible way supporting the military aggression of the Russian Federation and threatening the Western world.

In his posts, Medvedev does not hesitate to use offensive epithets, although he remains an official person in Russia and holds high government positions.

“Pseudo-Ukrainian madmen with Russian surnames, choking on their toxic saliva, say that their enemy is located within the borders of Russia – from the west to Vladivostok,” is a typical example of statements from Medvedev’s publications.

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