Engineers, technical specialists to restore defense industry, develop military technologies to be most in demand in next 10 years


In the next 10 years, engineers and technical specialists will be most in demand for the restoration of the defense industry and the development of domestic military technologies, Deputy Minister of Economy Tetiana Berezhna has said.

“We have already formed our impression and our conclusions regarding who we will be needed, what the most key skills, specialties and professions will be in the next 10 years… We come to the conclusion that engineers and technical specialists will be most in demand to restore the defense industry and develop domestic military technologies. We will need military specialists of all specialties. What is very important, we will need graduates of STEM education (science, technology, engineering, mathematics),” she said at the “Human Capital: Skills for the Future” international forum on Thursday.

According to her, medical workers will also be needed, including rehabilitation therapists and psychologists, energy specialists, public policy specialists and construction specialists, in particular architects, design engineers.



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