Erdogan said he wants to restore the grain deal in an “enhanced format”


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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan intends to facilitate the renewal of the grain agreement in an “enhanced format”.

He quotes the words of the Turkish leader Bloomberg.

It is noted that Erdogan called on Western countries to help turn the Black Sea Grain Initiative into a basis for peace between Russia and Ukraine.

“We were able to learn about Russia’s demands and expectations during a telephone conversation with Russian President Putin.” Erdogan said at a briefing in Ankara.

He also noted that contacts to restart the initiative are continuing, but the decision depends on whether “Western countries fulfill their promises.” At the same time, Erdogan did not specify exactly which obligations were violated.

“Unfortunately, in the previous period, the principle of loyalty was not respected. No diplomatic steps have been taken to turn the positive atmosphere created by the Black Sea Initiative into a cease-fire, and therefore into permanent peace.” – says the Turkish leader.

It will be recalled that Russia announced its withdrawal from the “grain agreement” in July. After that, the Russians began to attack Ukrainian ports and hangars with grain. At the same time, Ukraine has already conducted two successful operations, striking the ships of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia with drones.

Earlier, President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said that Russia may be left without ships if it continues the blockade of the sea and shelling of ports.

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Source: Erdogan said he wants to restore the grain deal in an “enhanced format”


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