Establishment of medical cooperation network to result from Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen โ€“ Zelenska


The soft power diplomacy has not only united the spouses of the world leaders but has also become a platform for discussions, meetings of experts and opinion leaders for the sake of victory of civilizational values, First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska said while opening the Third Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen on Wednesday.

“We set a goal that each of our summits should have a practical result. At last year’s summit, having united caring people, we managed to raise over $6 million and thus received an opportunity to buy 92 modern intensive care vehicles that are now saving the lives of Ukrainians,” she said.

This year, “one of the summit’s results will be the establishment of a medical partnership network between countries,” Zelenska said.

“As you know, today we are going to talk about mental health. The ability to be grateful is one of the components of our mental health,” she said.

“Uncertainty about the future, a sense of the fragility of the world, the threats of global disasters are constant companions of people around the world. And Ukrainians in addition face constant pain of loss, daily fear for their lives and for the lives of their loved ones, shocking, horrific events,” the first lady of Ukraine said.

According to Zelenska, “it has long been an axiom for all conscious people that human life is important. It is time to take another important thing as an axiom โ€“ its quality is also important. And mental health is precisely the basis of this quality.”

“Mental resilience is the ability to go through challenges and live a full life. The personal stability of each person is the stability of society. Through the individual to the family. From family to the team. In the end, to the whole country. Therefore, there is no more strategic task for the country than to create conditions for the sustainability of each person,” she said.

The first lady also said that “confident true resilience begins with an awareness of shared values. And I am proud that Ukraine today demonstrates to the world the people united by a common value. Our value is based on human life. And at the heart of human life is always love. And the secret of our resilience is in love.”

The summit is attended by the first ladies and gentlemen of Estonia, Lithuania, Serbia, Slovakia, Denmark, Armenia.



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