Estonian Prime Minister Kallas was re-elected as the head of the ruling party


About this write ERR.

It is noted that the Reform Party congress was held at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater in Tallinn. 35 officials competed for a place on the board of the political force, but only Prime Minister Kaya Callas was nominated for the position of party chairman.

Out of 931 delegates who voted, the Prime Minister of Estonia received 636 votes. At the same time, 295 people left their ballot blank. As ERR reminds, in 2018 Kallas received 1,067 votes, and in 2020 – 984.

Elections were held using electronic voting from November 9 to 16.

The board of the Reform Party consists of 17 members, including the chairman of the party.

  • Also, the day before, Kallas stated that she is interested in taking the post of NATO Secretary General.



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