EU ambassador sure Moldova will join EU


Brussels views Moldova as a future member of the European Union, Head of the EU Delegation to Moldova Janis Mazeiks said.

“The European Union is interested in Moldova’s development as a democratic and prosperous country. This is only natural, as we view Moldova as a future member of the EU,” Mazeiks said in an interview published on the website on Friday.

Regarding the prospect of Moldova’s integration with the European Union, Mazeiks noted that the country received EU candidate status last year. Now, a lot depends on Chisinau: it’s important for the European Union that Moldova prepares properly for membership, he said.

Speaking about the development of economic relations, Mazeiks said that Moldova had begun to export two thirds of its products to the European Union. “It was not Moldova that rejected the Russian market, it was Russia that rejected Moldovan products. Regrettably, Russia is an unpredictable partner. We remember the embargo of 2006, the embargo of 2013 and the recent restrictions on importing agricultural products to Russia which were not based on objective information,” he said.

“The fact that Moldovan manufacturers have reoriented themselves to the European market is a result of the European market’s increasing openness and the restrictions imposed by Russia. We are bearing witness to a drastic change: Moldova’s exports to EU member states account for two thirds of all Moldovan exports; exports to the EU are 13 times larger than exports to Russia. The EU has proven through its actions that it is a big, prosperous and predicable market, which is important for manufacturers. We are glad that Moldovans are actively using these opportunities,” Mazeiks said.



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