EU declines to speculate on whether restrictions on Ukrainian agrifood exports could be extended after Sept 15


It would be premature to speculate on whether the temporary preventive measures restricting exports of wheat, corn, rapeseed, and sunflower seed to Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia could be extended after September 15, European Commission Spokesperson Balazs Ujvari said.

“Any call for a prolongation of the preventive measures beyond September 15 is … premature at the moment. We believe that we have to give time to the platform to deliver,” Ujvari said at a press briefing in Brussels on Thursday.

Asked about exports of Ukrainian agricultural produce, Ujvari said the European Commission continues to operate within the framework of a common coordination platform, and all efforts to support Ukraine would continue.

The European Commission agreed on June 5 to extend restrictions on exporting certain agricultural products from Ukraine to Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia until September 15. The restrictions do not prohibit the transit of these goods via the five countries, in line with a document signed by President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen.



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