Euphoria from air and freedom: the first days after the liberation of Izyum  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Euphoria from air and freedom: the first days after the liberation of Izyum News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Raisin has been in full occupation since April. Until that time, fierce battles were fought for the city, the occupiers terrorized the population with non-stop shelling. Aerial bombs were dropped on residential quarters, artillery fired and rockets fired. The destruction in Izyum has already been called the largest since the Second World War. The city center was practically wiped out, people lived without electricity, gas and heat. It was extremely difficult to leave – the occupiers did not allow evacuation corridors. Private transport came under fire. According to preliminary estimates, more than 80% of Izyum’s infrastructure has been destroyed, and on the eve of winter, the centralized heating system is broken. However, today people are happy to be able to move freely through the streets. They say that the shelling did not stop until the last day.


It was terrifying when the planes, it was impossible to endure, such explosions are strong, probably we will never get on a plane now. Thank you for the air that we went out and breathed for the first time today, at home.

As Ukraine entered, there was immediately a movement, but there was no one at all. The last week there was no one at all. Everyone sat at home, in the basements.


It’s scary, God forbid, so that they don’t come back, otherwise we are already happy. Even though the streets we walk calmly freely. While euphoria from the air, from freedom. Especially as they saw our Ukrainian lads – in general. Now it’s good, we hope that everything will be fine.

Iryna remembers – at first they lived in the basement for a month, during another shelling the house was destroyed. Miraculously, no one was hurt.


House near Kremenets. They hit it with hail, burned down and collapsed the basement. – How many dead? – We all survived, all the living, about 70 people. We went to another basement, and then whoever could.

At first, the dead were simply buried in yards and flowerbeds, the graves, people say, were opposite every entrance.

At first they were buried right in the yards. In the flower beds, under the porches. Here we sit, there was a grave.

In the summer, the occupiers collected all the bodies and took them outside the city. Relatives were given grave numbers. People worry whether they will now be able to find their dead relatives.


They didn’t let us in, we didn’t see the pits, but they gave us numbers. Under which numbers will we go and find our children. We will be able to bury some children, some nephews, some colleagues. It cannot be that they deceived us.

People are waiting for the restoration of normal living conditions and the payment of pensions. However, first of all, the military administration says, demining must be carried out. During the past day, two civilians were blown up by landmines left by the occupiers before fleeing in the Izyum district – the victims were taken to the hospital.

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