Eurovision 2023: the long list of participants who will compete in the National Selection has been announced

Eurovision 2023: the long list of participants who will compete in the National Selection has been announced

It is reported “Public”.

“Public Broadcasting” named 36 participants who made it to the longlist of the national selection for participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

The list of participants is as follows:

  • 2TONE
  • Angelina
  • Wood
  • Elysees
  • FINE
  • Havka
  • Jerry Heil
  • Iana Kovaleva
  • Cossack of the Poor
  • KRUT
  • Read Bason
  • Moses
  • Olive
  • DOWN
  • Oy Sound System
  • Serenity
  • I’m having sex
  • Shy
  • OWL
  • Tember Blanche
  • Tery
  • Victoria Niro
  • Vynohradova
  • Zetetics
  • Lilu45
  • Max Ptashnyk
  • Mia Ramari
  • Royalkit
  • Sasha Fadeeva
  • Clock face

“I am personally interested in ensuring that Ukrainian music does not freeze and develops in all directions, so that we have our heroes in all possible musical niches and styles. In my opinion, now, during the war, and with complete uncertainty in the lives of musicians, this selection takes on a special significance: we not only choose those worthy to represent Ukraine at the competition, but also have the opportunity to hear a wide range of Ukrainian music, which is created here and now, regardless of anything,” said Dmytro Shurov, music producer of the national selection.

Pianoboy noted that he is glad that during the selection process he managed to motivate, inspire, and encourage many musicians to create new songs and interesting ideas. He shares that many musicians have found it difficult to start writing again. In addition, many artists are in forced emigration or on the verge of changing professions, or even survival.

“There are musicians who volunteer, who fight. However, we have a long list of 36 songs, which has everything from original songs, dream pop and rock to indie, rap, ethnic. There are also, of course, some strong modern fighters who can tear down any stage. All this speaks to how creative our nation is, how much we strive to create. I am grateful to the society and “Society” for trusting me to musically produce the selection, I am already personally listening to this longlist in the car, hopefully after the publication of all the songs , you will too,” the producer of the contest shared.

It is noted that the list of finalists will be announced no later than November 17, and until then the audition of the participants of the longlist will be held.

On October 15, Suspilne finished accepting applications for participation in the Eurovision 2023 national selection, having received more than 300 songs.

  • Cyprus has become the first country to announce its representative that will go to the Eurovision Song Contest in Great Britain.
  • The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 was supposed to take place in Ukraine, because the Kalush Orchestra won the song contest this year. However, due to the Russian war on the territory of Ukraine, the European Broadcasting Union transferred the right to hold the contest to Great Britain. On behalf of Ukraine, it will be held in Liverpool. The first semi-final will be at Liverpool Arena on May 9, the second – on May 11, and the grand final – on May 13.
  • Russia was excluded from the competition due to the invasion of Ukraine.
  • Montenegro and North Macedonia will not participate in next year’s song contest due to the increase in entry fees due to Russia’s exclusion.


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