Even critical infrastructure reserved by enterprises is taken away,

Even critical infrastructure reserved by enterprises is taken away,

The head of the Luhansk OVA informs about this in a telegram Serhii Gaidai.

“We see that even in those territories recently occupied as a result of hostilities, a very powerful mobilization has now begun there. We can even talk about critical utility companies, which if they do not work, then in general the entire infrastructure of the region will stop,” said Gaidai .

The head of the region emphasized that if the Rashists understand that 10-20 workers can replace two or three people, then they will take away all the others.

“People don’t go through training, that is, they are grabbed, they give them military clothes, a machine gun on the way, and on they go. They need cannon fodder, they constantly throw them into battle, that is, a very small percentage of them remain alive. Most of them died, “Of those who survive, the majority are disabled and crippled. Many of the wounded are not taken to hospitals because there are none,” added the head of Luhansk Oblast.

Gaidai emphasized that all the equipment from the region’s hospitals was transported to Luhansk, and there are no places in the city’s institutions.

  • In the occupied Luhansk region, the Russians are not preparing for the heating season, and the locals are losing trust in the occupiers.
  • In Severodonetsk, the occupiers offer to restore the housing they destroyed at the expense of the owners. At the same time, they are collecting applications for the issuance of construction materials, demanding at the same time copies of documents with personal data of Ukrainians.
  • On August 9, Serhii Gaidai reported that due to the forced “mobilization” of workers by the occupiers, the Luhansk mine was on the verge of closure.

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