Every day, the enemy drops bombs near the sea grain corridor – Humenyuk



The Russian military does not stop terrorizing the Ukrainian grain corridor in the Black Sea. The occupiers are constantly dropping aerial bombs in the area where ships are sailing.

This was reported by the spokeswoman of the Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine Nataliya Humenyuk on the air of the telethon on October 6.

According to her, there is currently no activity of the enemy naval group in the area of ​​the grain corridor, but the Russians are trying to control the situation there through the use of tactical aviation.

“Planes are sent there every day to drop guided aerial bombs, precisely in the area where ships that have decided to use the humanitarian corridor proposed by the Defense Forces of Ukraine are likely to be plying.” – Humenyuk said.

The spokeswoman noted that such guided aerial bombs can lead to the detonation of sea mines, which are abundant in the Black Sea. This is a kind of remote terror.

As a reminder, on August 10, Ukraine opened temporary corridors for merchant vessels in the Black Sea. This happened after Russia withdrew from the grain agreement in July.

In the near future, more than 20 ships are planning to pass through the temporary corridor. In addition, Ukraine plans to open another corridor for the export of grain – a railway.

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Source: Every day, the enemy drops bombs near the sea grain corridor – Humenyuk


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