Exnardep Solvar was sentenced to a prison term

Exnardep Solvar was sentenced to a prison term

The VAX appeal overturned the acquittal of Ruslan Solvar, a former People’s Deputy from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction, who was accused of illegally receiving compensation for housing rent in Kyiv.

This was reported by the press service of the department.

On September 22, 2022, the Appeals Chamber of the VAX overturned the acquittal rendered by the Higher Anti-Corruption Court on June 14, 2021 and issued a new verdict, by which the People’s Deputy of the VIII convocation was found guilty of illegally receiving compensation for the costs of renting a room in the Kyiv hotel in connection with the alleged absence of his own capital housing, i.e. in the commission of a crime provided for in Part 2 of Art. 364 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

As part of the pre-trial investigation, SAP prosecutors and NABU detectives have collected enough evidence to show that the people’s deputy committed a criminal offense – the people’s deputy hid the inheritance of an apartment in the capital and did not refuse compensation for housing. As a result, 361.5 thousand hryvnias of compensation was illegally paid from the state budget.

After hearing the arguments of the parties, the appellate court supported the position of the SAP prosecutor, annulled the verdict of the court of first instance and issued a new one, according to which the specified former people’s deputy was sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment with deprivation of the right to hold positions in state authorities (except for elected ones) for a period of 1 year and with a fine of 8,500 hryvnias.

The decision of the court of appeals enters into force from the moment of its announcement and can be appealed in the cassation procedure to the Supreme Court within three months.

As is known, according to the version of the investigation, in November 2014, Solvar received a room in the Kyiv hotel at the expense of the state budget due to the fact that he did not have his own home in the capital. However, as the investigation established, at the beginning of March 2017, he inherited an apartment in Kyiv, but did not notify the Verkhovna Rada Apparatus Administration about this fact, so he continued to receive compensation payments from the state budget. And only in October 2018, after a number of publications in the mass media, he refused to receive funds. During these one and a half years, as the investigation established, the former deputy of the People’s Republic of Ukraine unjustifiably received more than UAH 361,000 in compensation for renting housing.

We will remind, VAKS acquitted Solvar in the case of abuse of power. At the same time, the judges saw the alleged fraud on the part of the ex-deputy. Earlier, the anti-corruption court also acquitted another ex-Nardeput Andrii Levus.

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