Explosions again in the heart of Russian military aviation in Engels - flash video at the air base of the Russian Aerospace Forces - Ukrainian news, Politics

Explosions again in the heart of Russian military aviation in Engels – flash video at the air base of the Russian Aerospace Forces – Ukrainian news, Politics

On the night of December 26, the Russian satellite cities of Saratov and Engels heard two powerful explosions, which, together with a flash of light, were recorded by webcams. Videos with them and comments are posted in local publics.

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In the suburbs of Engels the airfield is located strategic aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Judging by the timeline in the video, two explosions, one after the other, occurred at 01:35 am Kyiv time.

The distance to the source of the explosion, judging by the time after the outbreak in the video above, is about 7 km.

On one of the clips one can hear one dull sound of an explosion against the background of the sound of a jet engine, after which, 10 seconds later, two more distinct and successive explosions are heard.

The video from surveillance cameras before the explosions and flash showed a sound similar to the sound of a rocket or jet overflight.

Air raid alerts sounded in the cities. From the videos it is not clear whether it was turned on before the “arrivals”, or after them.

REFERENCE. Saratov is located on the right bank of the Volga, 458 km from the border of Ukraine (its occupied eastern part) and about 700 km from the free Ukrainian territory. On the other side is the satellite town of Engels, serving airbase of the same namefrom which (among other launch points) bombers take off, firing missiles at Ukraine.

The first Ukrainian resource to report on Engels appeared at 01:46 in the Telegram channel Nikolaevsky Vanek, connected with the Ukrainian military and intelligence in particular: “Bad weather over Engels. Precipitation.”

Russian military propagandists write about “a new attempt to shell the airfield of strategic aviation”, and “the projectile tried to drop a drone on the airfield.” As is customary in Russian media, the message ends with the statement that “air defense went off.”

So far, there is no information about what exploded, where and what kind of damage.

Russian resource The base writes – “according to preliminary data, there are victims.”

Comments from public

UPDATED at 04:50. Governor of the Saratov Region Roman Busargin declaredthat “there were no emergencies in the residential areas of the city” and “there is absolutely no threat to residents”, and “all the stories about the evacuation from the city are a blatant lie, created far beyond the borders of the country.”

He writes that civilian infrastructure facilities were not damaged, and “information about the incident at a military facility is being checked by law enforcement agencies.”

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UPDATED at 05:20. The base writesthat the area of ​​fire after the explosions in Engels was allegedly 120 square meters. m and, according to preliminary data, “three people died, four more were hospitalized.”


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