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On the night of October 7, at least two explosions occurred in Mirgorod, Poltava region, a source said. LIGA.net in the suburbs. An air raid alert was announced in the region; the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces warned of a missile danger.

15 minutes before midnight, the Air Force announced a missile threat in the Kharkov, Poltava, Chernigov, and Sumy regions, and an air raid alert was announced. Taking into account military reports, the missile probably flew through the Kharkov region to the Poltava region.

According to the monitoring channel monitora cruise missile, probably of the Iskander-K type, was previously launched.

At 03:00, local Telegram channels and media reported the first sound of an explosion; there has been no official information about this yet.

According to the interlocutor LIGA.netone powerful explosion and one weaker one were heard.

There is a military airfield on the southeastern outskirts of Mirgorod.

At 00:11 the air raid warning was cleared.

  • On the morning of October 6 at about 06:47 an explosion was heard in Kharkov, the Russians launched a missile attack on the center of Kharkov.
  • Chapter THIS reported about arrivals in the Kiev and Osnovyansky districts of Kharkov.
  • On October 5 at about 15:35, Russia fired a missile at a cafe-shop in Groza. As a result, 51 people died, including a child. The regional prosecutor’s office published a video showing the consequences of the blow.

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Source: liga.net


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