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In Kurchatov, 30 km west of Kursk and about 100 km northeast of Sumy, explosions occurred early on September 4. Local residents write about a โ€œdrone attack,โ€ although there is no audio or video confirmation of these words.

In the recordings from the intercoms, which were promptly posted online by locals, a powerful explosion and then several much weaker โ€œpopsโ€ can be heard.

On the evening of September 3, there was already thunder in Kurchatov: explosions were also recorded over the city. The air defense system allegedly went off there, and a fire broke out at the site where the โ€œdebrisโ€ fell โ€œin a non-residential building.โ€

In Kurchatov, on the shore of the lake on the Seimas, the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant with a total capacity of 3 GW is located. Five kilometers to the west, in the village of Makarovka, Kursk NPP-2 is being built. Propagandists of the occupiers, describing drone attacks on Kurchatov, traditionally whip up panic and assure Russians that โ€œUkraine wants to blow up the nuclear power plant.โ€

The military department of the occupiers, which has been promptly responding to such incidents with statements for several weeks, reported that โ€œKyiv tried to attack objects in the Russian Federation with two UAVs; they were destroyed by air defense over the Black Sea near Crimea and over the Kursk region.โ€


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