Explosions rang out at the occupiers' training ground in Kherson

Explosions rang out at the occupiers’ training ground in Kherson

The cause of the explosions is still unknown.

The photos published on the network show how a gray column of smoke rises outside the city / screenshot

Explosions rang out on the territory of the training ground in Kherson, where military training of the mobilized occupiers takes place.

This is reported by local media.

Photos published online show a gray column of smoke rising outside the city.

It is not yet known what caused the explosions.

The Russian propagandist of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Oleksandr Kots first hinted on social networks that the explosions were an attack by the enemy. Later, he wrote that the occupiers were allegedly demining unexploded shells.

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The situation in the Kherson region

The advance of the Armed Forces in the south is currently slowed down due to the rainy season, Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said. But the counteroffensive continues.

According to him, the Armed Forces control all bridges, so there is a high probability that the liberation of Kherson will take place without street battles.

Against the background of the successes of the Ukrainian army, there is a growing threat of the Russians undermining the Kakhovskaya Dam, which, according to the Kremlin’s plan, should cut off the Armed Forces from the left bank. Some experts disagree with this. It is noted that the shock wave will primarily cover the occupiers themselves. Moreover, according to the Secretary of the NSDC Danilov, this will forever close the issue of Crimea for the Russian Federation.

Deportation of Ukrainian citizens to Crimea and Russia continues in the region, the enemy is speedily taking looted goods to other occupied areas.

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