F-16 fighters – why pilot training is delayed


If the partners had made a political decision, Ukraine would have received the planes within two weeks, Svitan is sure.

Ukraine will receive F-16 / REUTERS

Ukraine will not receive American F-16 fighter jets this year due to political processes inside the United States, believes a military expert, pilot-instructor, colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in reserve Roman Svitan, reports 24 channel.

He is sure that if the Western partners had made a political decision, Ukraine would have received the F-16 within two weeks.

“In order to teach an experienced pilot to use the F-16, 3-4 months would be enough. That is, we could have received these planes this year if the United States had not delayed this process,” Svitan is convinced.

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Training of Ukrainian pilots on the F-16 – what was reported

It will be recalled that the other day the Pentagon announced that the US supports the training of Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter jets. According to Pentagon Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh, US President Joe Biden “gave the green light” to make this possible.

And The Washington Post, citing Ukrainian, European and American officials and the military, reported that the first group of six pilots of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will complete training on F-16 fighter jets at least next summer.

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