Families with children can apply for four more types of assistance from the state on the Diya | portal


From now on, on the Diya portal, certain categories of families with children can apply for financial assistance from the state.

This is reported in Ministry of Figures.

Services are available to persons who have adopted a child; people caring for a sick child who has not been diagnosed with a disability; persons with disabilities since childhood and children with disabilities; single mothers or unmarried parents.

Parents do not need to collect documents and make copies of them in order to apply for assistance from the state.

Information about the birth of a child is pulled from the register.

This significantly saves time for receiving services and makes it impossible to make mistakes in applications, due to which it was necessary to repeatedly go to state authorities and submit applications anew.

The following services are available on the portal:

help to a person caring for a sick child,

assistance to a person with a disability since childhood and children with a disability,

assistance in adopting a child,

child support for a single mother or father.

You can get acquainted with the full list at link

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