Farmers in Bulgaria blocked the roads due to the resumption of Ukrainian agricultural imports


The agricultural community demands to extend the ban on the import of a number of Ukrainian agricultural products and to expand this list.

The participants of the protest insist that they should be paid the full amount of compensation for the increased costs by September 30 / photo

In Bulgaria, agricultural producers and processors brought heavy machinery to transport interchanges as a sign of protest against the parliament’s decision not to extend the ban on wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower imports from Ukraine after September 15.

As written Forbes Bulgariathe protestors insist that they be paid the full amount of compensation for increased production costs due to the war in Ukraine and the lifting of the aid cap by September 30, as well as immediate payment of government aid to compensate farmers who have completely uncultivated land.

Also among the demands is “the extension of the ban on the import of sunflower, wheat, corn and rapeseed from Ukraine and the introduction of a ban on the import of unrefined oil, fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits, milk and dairy products, meat and meat products, live animals, honey and beekeeping products from Ukraine, as well as strengthening control over the origin, quality and safety of agricultural products imported into the country.”

At the same time, among the requirements is the provision of the necessary funds for re-registration of existing and provision of new state subsidies. In particular, including payments for producers of grapes, potatoes, raspberries, greenhouse products and tobacco, as well as for producers of honey and livestock products.

As noted by the Prime Minister of the Bulgarian government, Mykola Dienkov, the farmers’ protest is currently taking place with demands that have been resolved, or with those that cannot be resolved, because deadlines are being set that cannot be fulfilled.

“We are talking with grain producers, and the decision to lift the ban on grain cannot be made only by producers,” he said.

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Ban on the import of Ukrainian grain

Until September 15, 2023, Ukraine was prohibited from exporting corn, wheat, rapeseed and sunflower seeds to Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

On September 14, Bulgaria announced that it would lift the ban on grain imports from Ukraine after September 15.

On September 15, the European Commission canceled the ban on the import of grain from Ukraine to Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia.

However, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary said they would continue restrictions on the import of Ukrainian grain. Instead, Ukraine announced that it will appeal this decision.

In view of this, the EU called on these three countries to treat Ukrainian grain constructively.

On September 18, 2023, it became known that Ukraine will sue Poland, Hungary and Slovakia over the grain ban. Ukrainian trade representative Taras Kachka said that Kyiv intends to take measures in response to Polish exports of fruits and vegetables.

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