Fedorov: Musk helped and continues to do so; of the company owners, he made the greatest contribution to the victory – Ukrainian news, Politics


American businessman Elon Musk helped and continues to help Ukraine, among all the owners of private companies, he made the β€œbiggest contribution” to the future victory of Ukraine, said the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov in an interview Forbes.

β€œElon Musk helped and is helping. There is always a risk that any partner may stop helping. When required, he took the necessary steps. Among all the owners of private companies, Musk made the greatest contribution to the future victory of Ukraine,” Fedorov said.

According to him, the department does not know what would have happened without satellite communications.

The official noted that the military does not have a 4G or 3G mobile Internet network, and radio communications are quickly intercepted by the Russians.

β€œThis is how we would live if it weren’t for Musk. Starlink is not so easy to buy on a scale. The Ministry of Digital Development brought about 42,000 pieces. In total, there are 1–2% more of them,” Fedorov said.

  • Fedorov previously told the Financial Times that Musk gave his biographer his confidential messages without permission. Subsequently, the official allowed the businessman to publish their correspondence in a new book.
  • An excerpt from Musk’s biography states that in 2022 he ordered the shutdown of the Starlink satellite communications network off the coast of temporarily occupied Crimea to thwart a Ukrainian attack against the Russian Black Sea Fleet
  • The Washington Post reported the details of this episode: as a result of the failure of the operation, the Russians captured unharmed copies of Ukrainian naval drones.
  • Musk has partially transferred control of Starlink systems to the US military, his biographer said.
  • The US Senate Armed Services Committee is investigating Musk’s actions.

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