Fedorov spoke about the production of drones: Tens of thousands per month, we will overtake Russia at a distance | News of Ukraine


Vice Prime Minister Mikhail Fedorov stated that Ukraine produces tens of thousands of drones β€œof certain categories” per month. He announced this on air at the national telethon.

According to him, in Ukraine there is a conveyor production of thousands and even tens of thousands of β€œcertain categories” of drones.

β€œWe cannot cover such things, we are at a different stage of development. The Russians have been investing in the UAV market for many years, we began to develop only a year ago. Now we have a market economy, many companies are appearing, in the distance we will be able not only to catch up, but also to surpass RF,” Fedorov said.

He noted that to increase the production of drones, the market, Western support, investment and the development of science are needed.

β€œAll this will lead to an increase in the number of drones. While the market is exploding, we need to increase energy by deregulating the market,” summed up the Deputy Prime Minister.

  • The Ministry of Defense stated that the Ukrainian-made β€œBig Banderik” drone has begun to be successfully used at the front.
  • On November 8, the state project β€œArmy of Drones” sent more than 900 drones of various types and modifications to the Ukrainian military to the front.
  • Secret UAV “Morok”. Volunteers showed a Ukrainian drone – photo.

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