Finland will provide a new package of humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Finland will provide a new package of humanitarian aid to Ukraine

The Finnish authorities will provide Ukraine with another package of humanitarian aid worth 35 million euros.

This is stated in the statement of the Ministry of the Interior of Finland.

It is known that in July of this year the country’s government allocated 70 million euros to support Ukraine, of which half of the funds are being collected now.

From the new package, 15 million euros will be directed to humanitarian needs, and 8 million will be transferred to the UN fund, which helps public organizations in Ukraine. Another 5 million will be transferred through the World Food Program, and 2 million – to the UN Population Fund, which helps victims from the south and east of Ukraine.

Finland will also provide modular houses for 200 Ukrainians who have lost their homes and 10 armored containers for temporary accommodation. They will be handed over to the rescuers in the frontline regions.

In addition, 15 million euros will be allocated to pay the salaries of education workers.

As a reminder, on September 1, Finland reduced the number of visas issued to citizens of the Russian Federation to one-tenth of the usual number.

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