First psychological aid: trainings have started in the regional educational center


Trainings for psychologists and social service specialists have started in the regional educational center.

On November 17, with the participation of Oleg Sinegubov, the head of the Kharkiv OVA, and representatives of the Coordination Center for Psychological Health under the Cabinet of Ministers, an educational and methodological center for improving professional competences in psychological assistance and psychosocial support was opened on the basis of the Kharkiv Regional Center of Social Services. informs HOVA.

Specialists of higher education institutions are involved in the organization of trainings. With the support of UNICEF, they plan to create a call center for social and psychological support of the population.

“As part of the All-Ukrainian mental health program “How are you?” initiated by First Lady Olena Zelenska, a psychological service was opened on the basis of our Center in March. T

Now they have expanded their activities and created an educational and methodological center. Each worker who provides social support must possess the relevant competencies and apply them depending on the situation.

Our specialists not only provide assistance at the Center, but also travel in mobile teams to communities where crisis support is needed, for example, after large-scale enemy shelling,” said Oksana Radich, director of the Kharkiv Regional Center of Social Services.

This week started with training on the topic: “Psychological first aid”. Kharkiv social service providers took part in it. Also during the week there will be training for specialists from the Kharkiv district.

“Because of the war, people are in a state of stress. Both psychologists themselves should be able to use it, and they should be able to teach people how to do it.

First aid aims at the initial level to cope with stress and to regulate one’s behavior and emotions. At today’s training, breathing techniques that can be used for quick calming down were primarily practiced,” commented Nataliya Kryvenko, a psychological first aid trainer.

In the future, they plan to hold trainings on emotional burnout, maintenance of own resources, stress resistance, working with children, etc.

In the educational and methodological center, 3 training halls have been created, where group activities and individual consultations can take place. There is also an educational and methodological office.

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