Five main news from Ukraine and the world at 19:00 November 26 | News of Ukraine


1. Russia attacked Ukraine with suicide bombers at night. Managed to shoot down eight out of nine. On the night of November 26, the occupiers attacked Ukraine with “shahed” attack drones. Air defense forces managed to shoot down eight of nine drones. Air Force spokesman Yuri Ignat said that the Russians have returned to their usual tactics: attacking with a small number of drones, divided into small groups (more details).

2. Biden compared Russia’s actions in Ukraine to the Holodomor. “Ukraine’s agricultural infrastructure is being targeted again – this time by Putin as part of his quest for conquest and power,” Biden said in remarks marking the anniversary of Stalin’s Holodomor. (more details).

3. Accident at Balticconnector. The suspected vessel was dragging its anchor along the bottom for 185 kilometers. The investigation into the destruction of the gas pipeline continues, but there is increasing confidence that a Chinese container ship is to blame for the accident. “If your anchor is dangling over 100 nautical miles, it’s very unlikely, it’s hard to believe it was just an accident… We’ve mapped it, we’ve surveyed the seabed and we have a very good idea of ​​what happened, and now the question remains: is this country ready? and the company in China that owns the ship to cooperate,” said Estonian Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur (more details).

4. Yemeni pirates hijacked the petrochemical tanker Central Park with 22 crew members. The shipowner’s representatives confirmed that the petrochemical tanker Central Park was apparently hijacked by armed men near Aden, Yemen. On board the vessel are the captain (Turkish citizen) and another 21 crew members – citizens of Russia, Vietnam, Bulgaria, India, Georgia and the Philippines. The tanker is carrying phosphoric acid (more details).

5. Hamas thanked Putin for his support and released the Russian citizen “as a sign of recognition.” The representative of the head of the Hamas Politburo said that Hamas is releasing a hostage with Russian citizenship in response to the efforts Vladimir Putin and “in recognition of the Russian position in support of the Palestinian cause.” Today, representatives of the Red Cross transferred 14 Israeli hostages, among them nine children. In addition, the terrorists handed over three citizens of other countries to the ICRC (more details).

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