Five main news from Ukraine and the world at 19:00 on September 17 – Ukrainian news, Politics


1. In Italy, a fighter plane fell on cars: a five-year-old child died – video of the disaster. In Turin, Italy, an Italian Air Force Aermacchi MB-339-PAN fighter jet crashed during takeoff and fell onto cars, killing a five-year-old girl.

2. Air defense shot down all the bombs and six out of 10 missiles. There is a hit on a granary near Odessa. On the night of September 17, Russia attacked Ukraine with six kamikaze drones and 10 cruise missiles, some of which were shot down by the Air Defense Forces. A hit was recorded on an agricultural enterprise in the Odessa region.

3. Stoltenberg called on the world to prepare for a long war between Russia and Ukraine. NATO’s secretary general said that “most wars last longer than expected when they started,” so the alliance must prepare for a long war in Ukraine. And although “everyone would like a quick peace,” however, “if the Ukrainians stop fighting, they will lose, but if the Russians lay down their arms, then there will be peace.”

4. Canada financed the purchase of air defense systems for Ukraine. Canada is investing 33 million Canadian dollars (approximately 23 million euros) in a fund for the procurement of priority air defense systems for Ukraine. Defense Minister Bill Blair said Canada’s contribution goes to a partnership fund set up by the UK to acquire “high-priority air defense equipment” to protect Ukraine from Russian missile and drone attacks. In addition to Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands and the USA also participate in the initiative.

5. The European Union called on Poland, Hungary and Slovakia to be “constructive” regarding Ukrainian grain. The European Commission called on Poland, Hungary and Slovakia to “be constructive” after they announced the extension of the embargo on the import of Ukrainian grain contrary to the decision of the European Commission to lift restrictions. On Monday there will be a meeting with representatives of all interested EU countries, at which the current situation will be discussed.

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