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The main news from for the evening of Sunday, December 17

Sergey Berezhnoy



Five main news from Ukraine and the world at 20:00 on December 17 Fire due to the fall of a Russian drone in the Odessa region (Photo – State Emergency Service)

1. Ukraine repelled an air attack from Russia at night: 20 suicide bombers and two missiles. On the night of December 17, Russia attacked Ukraine with two dozen Shahed-type attack drones and two missiles. Air defense forces shot down all 20 suicide bombers and one X-59 guided missile. Another cruise missile, the Iskander-K, did not reach its target. One of the downed suicide bombers fell on private houses in the Odessa region, killing a person (more details).

2. In Russia, air defense worked at night – they shot down drones near a military airfield. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported a night drone attack in the Lipetsk, Rostov and Volgograd regions of the Russian Federation. The target of one of the attacks was a military airfield near Morozovsk, Rostov region, where the 559th Bomber Regiment is located and there are Su-24, Su-24M and Su-34. Source reported that the attack on the Morozovsk airfield was a successful special operation of the SBU and the Armed Forces of Ukraine (more details).

3. A US destroyer shot down 14 Houthi drones over the Red Sea, attacks occur every day. All 14 drones launched from Houthi-controlled territory in Yemen towards the American ship USS Carney were shot down. The United States is increasing its naval force in the Red Sea due to daily Houthi attacks on civilian ships (more details).

4. Polish official is lobbying for a 20-year ban on agricultural products from Ukraine. Polish politicians fear that after Ukraine joins the EU, competition from Ukrainian agricultural products will significantly reduce the income of Polish farmers, and they demand that preventive measures be introduced now (more details).

5. Budanov: We can’t do without mobilization, everyone is conscientious in the troops since February 2022 – video. With the current staffing level of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, no recruiting will cover the needs of the army, said the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate Kirill Budanov. Therefore, “even the opinion cannot be allowed that it is possible to do without mobilization. It is impossible,” he said (in more detail).

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