Floods in Libya: the number of victims reached 7,000 |


The number of victims of downpours and floods in the city of Derna in northeastern Libya has risen to 7,000.

This was reported by the official representative of the House of Representatives (Parliament) of Libya Abdullah Belhak in a comment on the TV channel Al-Qahera Newswrite Correspondent.

“Thousands of bodies are still on the streets of the city or in the sea, and we still do not have the opportunity to bury them,” the official explained.

A representative of the Libyan Red Crescent said that the organization has now received more than 9,000 reports about people who are still considered missing during the natural disaster.

According to a representative of the Libyan Human Rights Committee, about 3,900 bodies of the dead have been buried so far.

Due to fear of the spread of the epidemic, burials are carried out in public graves in Derna, often without even identifying the bodies of the dead.

We will remind, on September 10, the east of Libya was covered by a cyclone, which brought gale force winds and heavy showers with thunderstorms to the cities located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

The city of Derna was the most seriously affected, where two dams were destroyed.

It was the destruction of the dams near Derna that became, as the Libyan Red Crescent believes, the main reason for the numerous victims in this region.

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