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Ukraine must implement a number of reforms before the start of EU accession negotiations, then during the negotiations, but most of the reforms will need to be implemented after joining the EU. The Minister of Justice announced this during the telethon. Denis Malyuska.

He urged β€œnot to dream” that Ukraine will implement two or three changes, adopt two or three laws, and that will be the end of it.

β€œWe must implement many reforms for the negotiation process to begin. We must implement even more reforms during the negotiation process, and even more after we become a member state of the European Union,” said the head of the Ministry of Justice.

He said that he had recently communicated with colleagues from Croatia, the country that was the last to join the EU.

β€œThey said that the procedure to become a member of the EU is difficult, but when you become a member of the EU, you will understand that the flowers come later,” Malyuska said.

He emphasized that obtaining EU membership is β€œnot manna from heaven,” but a step towards an even greater volume of tasks that need to be accomplished.

However, in his opinion, the tasks that Ukraine received to complete in the short term are β€œnot too difficult.” For example, this is the law on increasing the number of NABU employees by 300 people. According to Malyuska, this reform was planned for a long time and was agreed upon β€œin different plans,” so this did not come as a surprise to Ukraine.

Also, according to him, the European Commission’s comments on the regime are β€œnot critical” declaration.

Concerning deoligarchizationaccording to Malyuska, from the very beginning Ukraine and the EU had β€œa slightly different vision of this process,” since Ukraine believed that the key tool for fighting oligarchs was the law on oligarchs, and in Europe they noted that it was necessary to pay attention to β€œother horizontal measures” – in particular, this is the adoption of a law on lobbying.

According to Malyuska, preparations in this direction are underway, there are certain developments, but there will be a β€œvery difficult discussion” on the bill. However, according to the head of the Ministry of Justice, Ukraine will cope with this.

  • On November 8, the European Commission recommended starting negotiations on the accession of Ukraine and Moldova to the EU. Ursula von der Leyen called the decision “historic”.
  • The full text of the European Commission’s report on Ukraine’s progress and weaknesses on its path to the EU is here.
  • Politico wrote that the European Union is preparing to officially announce the start of accession negotiations in December 2023.
  • EU Ambassador to Ukraine Maternova said what would happen if any of the countries did not support the decision to start negotiations. In particular, similar statements are already being made in the Hungarian government.

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