Free education in exchange for mobilization: a draft law was submitted to the Council


The author of the legislative initiatives there is People’s Deputy from “Servant of the People” Giorgiy Mazurashu.

The draft law envisages that citizens who obtain professional, technical, vocational, and higher education on a contract basis may voluntarily agree to military service. In this case, the state provides them with the appropriate education free of charge.

According to Mazurash, such an initiative is an additional incentive for citizens to defend the Motherland.

Currently, the draft law is being considered by a specialized committee.

What is known about mobilization in Ukraine

On August 17, President Volodymyr Zelenskyi signed the law on the extension of martial law and general mobilization in Ukraine until November 15, 2023.

On August 23, a draft law was submitted to the Council proposing to introduce a deferment from mobilization for lawyers. At the same time, the work experience of such a person should be more than 10 years.

On August 26, the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Oleksiy Danilov, suggested that an additional conscription may take place in Ukraine. At the same time, according to People’s Deputy Venislavskyi, mobilization in Ukraine continues as planned, there are no prerequisites for its strengthening.

People’s Deputy Oleksandr Dubinsky registered a draft law on the mobilization of deputies. He believes that people’s elected officials should not have a reprieve.

It is also known that from October 1, Ukrainian women who have a medical or pharmaceutical specialty are subject to mandatory military registration.



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