From 2026, Ukraine will provide itself with nuclear fuel by 50%,


That’s what he’s about saidvisiting one of the isolated units of NAEK, where Ukrainian nuclear engineers are working on this task.

“We are moving at the pace we expected from the very beginning. The next task is the construction of a new assembly line. According to our plans, as early as 2026, thanks to its own production, Ukraine will provide itself with nuclear fuel by 50%, and the other half will be obtained from partners from Westinghouse,” Kotin emphasized during a working trip to a unique domestic production, where they are working on creating their own nuclear fuel assembly line – shanks and heads.

The head of NAEK added that it is at this enterprise that Ukrainian nuclear engineers manufacture elements for the fuel, which is then used in the Soviet-developed VVER-440 power units. Together with Westinghouse, Energoatom is destroying the monopoly of the Russian Federation on the nuclear fuel market!

It is noted that the progress and further development of our own production will secure the final departure from technologies from the Russian Federation. In particular, Ukraine continues licensing, which should be completed this year, in order to increase the industrial production of shanks of heat-separating assemblies of nuclear reactors of nuclear power plants, and in 2024 a similar process is foreseen for heads for fuel cartridges.

“In addition, own production is economic and security benefits: Ukraine will be less dependent on partners, additional taxes will go to the state budget. In addition, our country is implementing a strategy of transition to the use of “clean” energy,” Energoatom said.

  • In March, Energy Minister Herman Galushchenko announced that in the future, Ukraine could become a supplier of nuclear fuel to European countries, replacing Russian supplies.



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