From the war in Ukraine, the world starts a colossal military quest for a decade,

From the war in Ukraine, the world starts a colossal military quest for a decade,

He expressed this opinion on Espresso.

“We need to think about how to defragment Russia, because if the disintegration of Russia does not take place, we are doomed to live in a zone of military strategic threat. In fact, I will be frank and honest in my judgments, this war will start a colossal military quest in the world for the next few decades, and I am not exaggerating , and I am not summarizing. The world will face a large number of armed conflicts from low intensity to possibly even a major war,” the military expert noted.

Petro Chernyk added that the fifth international system cannot be born in any other way as a great military confrontation, and the fourth Yalta system is destroyed (the Yalta conference was held with the participation of the leaders of the USA, USSR and Great Britain in February 1945 and was dedicated to the establishment of the post-war world order – ed.).

“The only conclusion we should draw from the results of this war is to abandon pacifist rhetoric forever. Si vis pacem, para bellum (Latin. if you want peace – prepare for war). We don’t need to think about whether or not there will be another war, we we need to think whether we are ready for it and whether we are ready to defend ourselves with weapons in our hands,” Chernyk emphasized.

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