Gaidai to collaborators fleeing Luhansk region: Like in 2014, punishment is inevitable - news from Ukraine, Politics

Gaidai to collaborators fleeing Luhansk region: Like in 2014, punishment is inevitable – news from Ukraine, Politics

Head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration Sergey Gaidai turned to local collaborators, who were happy about the arrival of Russian troops and cooperated with the Russian army. He declaredthat it is no longer 2014, and punishment will be inevitable for all traitors.

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Gaidai noted that fierce battles are now continuing in Izyum, Kharkiv region and near Liman, Donetsk region. The head of the OVA predicts that after the liberation of these settlements, a “big counteroffensive” will begin in the Lugansk region – very close to Svatovo, Kremennaya, Rubizhne.

He said that Ukrainian partisans are already raising state flags in the temporarily occupied settlements of the Luhansk region.

“The invaders are fleeing, they are no longer up to the Ukrainian flags. The collaborators are afraid to take them off. They understand that punishment is inevitable. I insist and now I want to clearly indicate that there will be no repetition of 2014. We are now starting to review video and photo materials, as in Lysichansk stretched out a huge three-colored rag. We clearly understand who voluntarily agreed to cooperate with the occupiers, which mayors cooperated, who were appointed prosecutors, judges, who specifically betrayed Ukraine,” Gaidai said.

Also, according to him, there is information about those who “almost by the hand” brought the invaders into the apartments of pro-Ukrainian activists, who helped the Russian army find volunteers and families of Ukrainian servicemen, after which the Russians took away their property and housing, tortured and repressed.

“And if someone from this convoy is 12 km away, which is now on the way to the Russian Federation from Stanytsia Luhanska, if one of these collaborators and traitors believes that after a certain time – a month, two, six months or a year – they If they can safely return, and no one will remember them, then the only place where you can return is to institutions where you can think about your actions for the rest of your life,” Gaidai said.

He added that “no one will forget or forgive anyone”, and the punishment for collaborators will be, wherever they are – both for those who helped the occupiers from 2014, and “joined” after February 24, 2022.

  • Yesterday, a video appeared on the network of a multi-kilometer queue on the border section of the R-79 highway, which goes from Kupyansk towards the Russian Logachevka.

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