Gas in Ukraine does not "settle down": accusations against Gazprom were rejected in Moldova

Gas in Ukraine does not “settle down”: accusations against Gazprom were rejected in Moldova

In Moldova, it was reported that Russian gas, which goes to them in transit through Ukraine, does not settle there - it is a reserve of Chisinau.

The Russian gas intended for Moldova, which, according to Gazprom, “settles” in Ukraine is Chisinau’s reserves.

This was stated by the Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Infrastructure of Moldova Andrii Spinu, the newspaper reports

Gazprom, in the unfriendly style to which we are already accustomed, threatens us with further reductions in gas supplies. They accuse Ukraine and Moldova of something that is not true”– said the official.

“It is clear that all the gas supplied to Moldova goes to our country. All gas delivered to the right bank is and will be paid for by us. The volumes of gas that Gazprom calls settled in Ukraine are our stocks and reserves stored in warehouses in Ukraine. Let it be clear here that these volumes were and will be fully paid by our country.”– declared Spinu.

It will be recalled that the day before Gazprom announced that they were allegedly recording the “settlement” of gas in Ukraine, intended for supply to Moldova under the contract. The company threatened to reduce transit through Ukraine due to undersupply.

The operator of the GTS of Ukraine rejected the accusations of the Russians. The company emphasized that all volumes of natural gas accepted for further transportation to Moldovan consumers were transferred in full.

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Source: Gas in Ukraine does not “settle down”: accusations against Gazprom were rejected in Moldova

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