Generator demand will not affect the cost of fuel,

Generator demand will not affect the cost of fuel,

He told about this on Espresso.

Serhii Kuyun commented on the unexpected situation for the fuel market with the increase in demand for fuel due to the increased use of generators in Ukraine.

“Now we see an increase in the price of fuel by 50 kopecks or hryvnia, because traders explain this not by an increase in the purchase price, but by the desire to quench the demand in their networks and make a pass on colleagues from other networks in order to gain time to bring in new batches of fuel. I don’t think , that prices will continue to rise, now it just takes time,” explained the director of the A-95 consulting group.

Serhiy Kuyun added that gas stations always keep a 15-day supply of fuel, and now, due to increased consumption, the supply remains for 10 days, so due to the price increase, traders want to reduce sales in order to have time to deliver additional batches of fuel. Accordingly, this is not a global trend, but a situational story.

“Therefore, when the market will bring the necessary amount of fuel, the factor of such generator demand will not play any important role and the price will depend, as always, on the purchase price. That is, according to experience, domestic demand does not affect prices. However, the exact number of generators in Ukraine is unknown , but there was information that 135,000 generators were imported in 20 days in November, 80,000 of which were gasoline generators. I calculated that if each of these generators used 10 liters of fuel per day, this amount would add 25,000 to 30,000 tons of fuel to us per month, which is about 15% of the standard demand. We have the potential to increase this supply and cover this demand,” Kuyun assured.

  • On November 23, the average price of A-95 gasoline in Ukraine was UAH 50.28/l

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