Germany has rejected Poland's accusations of failing to keep its promise on tanks

Germany has rejected Poland’s accusations of failing to keep its promise on tanks

He writes about it Politico.

The Polish president has accused Berlin of failing to meet its obligations to send new tanks to replace vehicles sent by Poland to Ukraine to help the country defend itself in the war against Russia.

“They did not keep that promise. And, to be honest, we are very disappointed with that,” Duda said.

On Wednesday, May 25, German government spokesman Steffen Gebestreit said: “The federal government is shocked.”

He said that Germany could not hand over the tanks yet.

“The Polish side has made a clear request to hand over to Poland the most modern main Leopard 2A7 battle tanks, but the problem is that the Bundeswehr itself has only a small number – about 50 – of these tanks. it must be made, “he said.

Hebestreit also added that these circumstances had previously been reported to Warsaw.

  • The Czech Republic will receive 15 Leopard tanks from Germany in exchange for those provided to Ukraine.

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