Germany urges Russia to start serious negotiations to end the war – Ukraine news, Politics

President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier called on the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin start negotiations with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and immediately withdraw troops from Ukraine, writes DW.

“Show respect for the sovereignty of Ukraine. Stop the suffering and destruction in Ukraine. Withdraw your troops. And do not refuse direct and serious negotiations with President Zelensky,” he told Putin.

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Steinmeier emphasized that Putin’s war of aggression does not only affect the people in Ukraine.

Due to the fact that Russia is blocking the export of millions of tons of grain in Ukrainian ports, world prices for it have risen sharply.

“Many regions of the world are facing starvation and death in the coming months, especially in East and South Africa,” Steinmeier said.

The German President also stressed that “the consequences of Putin’s war will hit the states that have not yet recovered from the coronavirus pandemic, and the regions where the soil is drying up and becoming barren due to the climate crisis.”

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