Germany will buy liquefied natural gas from the United States

Germany will buy liquefied natural gas from the United States

This was reported by the press service RWE.

The agreement provides for a 15-year contract to supply and purchase approximately 2.25 million tons of gas per year from Sempra’s Port Arthur plant in Texas.

According to RWE CEO Andre Strake, this partnership will help diversify gas supplies to RWE and Germany and thus increase security of supply in Europe on a long-term basis.

Sempra Infrastructure is an American infrastructure company engaged in the development, construction and operation of LNG facilities and LNG development projects off the coast of North America and the Pacific coast of Mexico.

The planned partnership with Sempra Infrastructure highlights RWE’s role as Germany’s main energy importer in the coming years. This will help achieve independence from fuel supplies from Russia.

As a result, Germany hopes to become an important market for LNG purchased in different parts of the world to diversify its sources of supply. In addition to the United States, RWE expects cooperation with Qatar and Australia, which are key countries in the production and supply of liquefied natural gas.

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