Germany will hand over a new package of weapons to Ukraine


Deliveries are made both from Bundeswehr stocks and directly from the conveyor.

Germany will transfer more shells and cartridges to Ukraine / UNIAN collage, photo

Germany announced a new package of military aid to Ukraine. As reported office of the German governmentit is about the supply of ammunition and military equipment, in particular engineering.

It is noted that the new package is part of a large support program that Germany provides to Ukraine. It includes supplies from German army stocks and directly from industry.

In particular, the following will be additionally supplied:

  • 10,000 shells for Gepard anti-aircraft guns;
  • armored bridge-builder Beaver;
  • 4 cars for border protection;
  • 20 thousand protective glasses for soldiers;
  • 4 heavy tractors with trailers for transporting tanks;
  • 32 Zetros trucks;
  • more than 8.5 million cartridges for small arms;
  • 27 thousand 40-mm mortar shells.

Military aid to Ukraine – the latest news

As UNIAN wrote, today it became known that Germany delivered to Ukraine the first batch of newly produced projectiles for Gepard anti-aircraft self-propelled artillery installations. So far, there have been problems with these ammunitions, because they are produced by neutral Switzerland. This country refused to supply its weapons to Ukraine because of its reluctance to violate its neutrality.

In addition, we reported that next week the White House will announce a new military aid package for Ukraine, which for the first time will include the supply of shells with depleted uranium. The exact value of the package is not yet known, but it is estimated to be between $240 and $375 million.

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