Germany will send generators and heaters to Ukraine

Germany will send generators and heaters to Ukraine

It is reported Spiegel with reference to the announcement of the German federal government.

It is noted that one hundred generators will be among the equipment that is planned to be transferred, they are planned to be delivered within the next two weeks. It is known that during all 9 months of the full-scale war, Germany has already delivered 135 generators to Ukraine. Their total value is more than 13 million euros.

Ukraine will also receive 15 more fuel oil heaters, 20 large batteries and 38 “residential and sanitary containers”. It is probably about modular toilets, equipped with everything you need.

The Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development also announced 12 million euros for the energy needs of Ukrainian cities, which they plan to use for the purchase of generators.

  • As a result of Russian attacks on November 23, all Ukrainian nuclear power plants were shut down. Almost all of Ukraine was left without electricity and water.
  • NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called the blackout in Ukraine due to Russian attacks a terrible start to winter.
  • Ukrenergo reported that Ukraine plans to purchase electricity from Europe.
  • Finland will transfer to Ukraine the energy equipment needed to stabilize the system.
  • France has decided to hand over 100 powerful generators to Ukraine, which will help people survive the winter.

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