Germany will start an investigation on Nord Stream 1 with the help of robots and drones

Germany will start an investigation on Nord Stream 1 with the help of robots and drones

It is reported BILD.

It is noted that in the Baltic Sea, German scientists are beginning to investigate the causes of holes in the Nord Stream-1 gas pipeline. This expedition was prepared by scientists of the Geomar Institute of the Helmholtz Center for Ocean Studies and involved two German underwater drones “Anton” and “Louise” and the robot ROV Phoca.

The scientists of the scientific center in Kiel prepared for the expedition for a whole month. Using techniques used to find old mines and torpedoes, experts will study chemical compounds typical of explosives.

So far, it is only about research in the waters of Germany. The explosions on the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline occurred in Danish waters.

It is known that the operation to investigate potholes on the “North Stream-1” was headed by the Prosecutor General of the Federal Republic of Germany. The research mission involved the Alkor research ship used by the Geomar Institute, as well as federal police vessels.

  • On September 26, a sudden drop in pressure occurred in the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.
  • Subsequently, it became known that on the routes of the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea on September 26 there was a man-made explosion with a capacity of about 700 kg in TNT equivalent.
  • On October 5, Putin’s spokesman said: Russia hopes to be included in the investigation of the Nord Stream explosions. Although until now, no one had even intended to involve her in this.
  • The first conclusions of the Swedish inspection, which was conducted at the site of the breakthrough of the Nord Stream pipes, strengthened the version of sabotage.

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