Germany will train 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers by the end of the year


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The Bundeswehr will train a total of 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers by the end of the year and will continue to provide military support to Ukraine.

This was stated by German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius during a debate in the Bundestag on Wednesday, it is reported Ukrinform.

“Putin must not achieve his goals – that’s for sure. Therefore, Ukraine should be supported at all levels as long as there is a need for it.” – emphasized Pistorius.

He also noted that the quality of training was recognized by the Armed Forces.

The head of the Ministry of Defense reminded that Germany is the second supplier of aid to Ukraine after the USA. “Daily German weapons save lives in Ukraine”, – emphasized Pistorius.

The politician noted that Russia’s attack on Ukraine is a “fundamental attack on the global security order, international law and the Western way of life.”

“In such a situation, Germany “cannot afford to compromise on its security, and therefore it is necessary to invest more in the Bundeswehr, increase the production of weapons, in particular, tanks and anti-aircraft systems”, – summed up the official.

It will be recalled that in July Ukraine received new aid from Germany, which included, in particular, Gepard anti-aircraft guns, drones and all-terrain vehicles.

In August, it was reported that Germany had delivered a new aid package to Ukraine, which included tanks, drones and millions of rounds of ammunition.

At the beginning of September, Germany announced a new package of military aid to Ukraine.

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Source: Germany will train 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers by the end of the year


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