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Global unity for peace how to end the war in

Ladies and gentlemen who are here today: in Europe, in Switzerland, in Davos. Look around the hall: how many and what kind of people are present here. How many and what kind of people will take part in the events of the World Economic Forum this year. Heads of state, heads of international organizations, business leaders, leading economists, public figures, journalists and scientists.

People who influence nations and industries around the world. You are all united by one fact – you are really very influential.

But there is also something that divides you – not all of you use this influence. Or sometimes you use it in a way that makes it even more disconnected.

Such a forum as the Davos Economic Forum exists because we all deeply believe that there is no such global problem of mankind that we could not solve. We have enough energy and strength.

The weight of our overall impact is greater than the weight of existing challenges.

But for there to be a sum, all components must be summed up, and this is global cooperation. And it is all the more important to understand this right now, when Russia’s aggression in Europe poses various challenges facing the world in the form of one full-scale crisis.

While humanity is facing the threat of the collapse of the world as we know it, to which we are accustomed. Or what we aspire to.

What will life be like in a world in which it will be allowed to strike nuclear power plants from tanks. What will happen to inflation when state borders are destroyed, and the integrity of countries will be destroyed only at someone’s will.

What will happen to the cost of living when not millions, but tens of millions of people will be forced to flee mass starvation and become refugees?

How does the world want to achieve climate neutrality if it has not yet stopped the burning of entire cities in Ukraine by the Russian army? This is what Russia does with its artillery, missiles, Iranian drones. You all know very well that Russian aggression will not be limited to Ukrainian borders. This war can go further, making the crisis more global if the Russian aggressor does not lose. In other words, if the weight of our common influence does not outweigh the aggression.

My husband, the President of Ukraine, in his address to the G19 leaders proposed a formula for how we can become more powerful in peacekeeping. This is a 10 point plan. 10 points on how to outweigh Russian aggression, which means how to prevent the combination of existing regional and global crises into one full-scale global crisis.

These points are not purely political, each of them has a tangible human dimension. This is the dimension of parents crying under intensive care units where doctors fight for the life of their wounded child. Or the boy whose family was shot in the car by the invaders during the evacuation. This is the dimension of farmers who are afraid to return to their fields, which were mined by the Russian occupiers. This is the dimension of people who have lost their homes and are forced to seek asylum where they can be accepted. I ask you to look at the need to stop this invasion in this way – through the eyes of people whose lives have been turned into chaos by Russia’s aggressive actions.

When we talk about radiation and nuclear safety in the peace formula, we mean that a new Chernobyl cannot be allowed to appear. We do not want children anywhere in the world to be forced to learn how to protect themselves from radiation sickness. When we talk about food security, we mean that everyone has the right to food. It is humiliating and against the very nature of man that mass starvation is possible somewhere in the 21st century. Especially because of the aggression of some crazy country.

When we talk about energy security, we mean that not a single child in the world should do their homework by candlelight, as children in Ukraine now have to do. Or that not a single doctor should have to perform an operation by the light of lanterns, as was the case recently in Lvov and Kyiv.

For me, the most painful point in the peace formula is the release of all prisoners of war and deportees. Those thousands of Ukrainians who were taken to Russia and who are being lied to that no one is going to help them. They are not the only ones who survive the torture. Their families also endure the torture of uncertainty. This is also about the thousands of children whom we must protect from Russia destroying ties with their relatives and Motherland, giving thousands of Ukrainian children for illegal adoption to Russian families. And this is not just an attempt by Russia to erase the memory of who they are for children. This is a crime against the essence of paternity, against the original connection between mother and child, father and child.

Everyone has the right to life. Therefore, a separate point in the peace formula is the withdrawal of Russian troops from the entire sovereign territory of Ukraine. And thus – to guarantee the cessation of hostilities and terror by the Russian invaders against the Ukrainians. This will restore the force of international law and the UN Charter. From a purely human point of view, millions of our people live in the Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia. They are waiting for release. And while they wait, millions of people are forced to experience fear and repression from the Russians.

Another point of the formula is fairness. This is what the dignity of every person who died under the rubble of his own house aspires to.

This is what children and adults who have lost limbs to Russian blows are demanding. Each of the survivors in the cellars of Mariupol, while the city was wiped off the face of the Earth by Russian shells and bombs. Each of those who dreamed of salvation in Bucha, hiding from the Russian executioners. Justice is needed, that it never occurred to anyone else in the world that war crimes and genocidal policies could go unpunished.

This is necessary not only for the living and dead Ukrainians. The whole world needs this, because no one should think that such violence can happen again.

The peace formula does not return security to people alone. Anyone who has seen the deformed and scorched Ukrainian land from Russian strikes, burned forests, closed territories after thousands of mines, understands how traumatized nature will remain for the next generation.

Now in Ukraine there are no absolutely safe places and days off from the war. Everyone who is now in Ukraine is risking their lives every day.

For Russia there is no taboo. Right now, in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro, they continue to dismantle the rubble of a multi-storey building destroyed by a Russian anti-ship missile. The Russian military fired a missile that was designed to destroy aircraft carriers against civilian infrastructure. This morning it was known about 40 victims, at the time when this forum opened – their number increased to 43. People were just at home on Saturday. That’s reason enough for Russia to kill.

Therefore, the ninth point of the peace formula is about the guaranteed prevention of escalation. And, of course, there should be a fixation of the end of this war. Not in order to have a date for the countdown of peacetime, but because peace does not equal a truce. So that the Ukrainians, who were scattered around the world because of this war, could return home. So that parents, mothers, sons and daughters return from the front. To reunite families that have been separated by this war.

Unity is what brings peace back.

There is an old saying: if people unite, they can even move Mount Taishan. We believe that the world will unite for the sake of peace.

Ukraine has already received positive responses from many heads of state about cooperation to implement this peace formula.

This year, contrary to forecasts, will not become a year of political crisis if the Ukrainian formula of peace is implemented.

Glory to Ukraine!

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